Monday, 28 December 2015

A Gardener's First Aid Kit … and tick remover

Since I took over my allotment a few years ago I often receive gardening gifts. Always a delight.

I was particularly chuffed with this dinky little first aid kit I received at Christmas. The tin is only a little larger than a match box so it will fit into a trouser pocket, or stored amongst small tools because the tin lid fits snug enough to keep the contents clean and dry.

I love the band-aids with the daisy design, perfect for slapping on a small wound. The tweezers will be really useful to remove a thorn or a splinter.

But the real plus is the gadget for removing ticks.  Funnily enough we were talking about ticks over at the allotments only a couple of weeks ago because it's 'tick season'. Ticks are only tiny little critters, size of a pin head, but they burrow into the skin and if you break them off and leave the head in, you can get a nasty infection.   (I know, sounds gross, but I ended up in hospital once having one dug out!)  Who ever thought gardening was an Elite Sport and not for the feint hearted.

Gardeners first aid kit in tiny tin
So. The magic tick remover is featured below - the gadget to the right of the photograph. And there is a tiny instruction book in the tin on how to use it to remove the tick. You stick the pointy end over the tick, grasp it, twist the gadget which will twist out the little critter! 

L to R  a band-aid, tweezers, and tick remover
All I need now is another gardener, plus tick, to practice on.

Happy Safe Gardening.

Friday, 25 December 2015


Happy Christmas.

My blog posts are pretty thin on the ground, but I still enjoy being able to record some things happening over at the allotment.

The last 'happening' was our community party at Beelarong. We must have had 40 folk turn up, volunteers and allotment holders.

The first job was to lay the tables

Add the decorations

 And I drew the short straw, the ablution block!

Then everybody arrived 

Tucked into the festive food

And gathered for a group photo after much hilarity

We grow more than food at the community garden.  We are pretty good at growing our community too.